Saturday, November 20, 2010

$65.00 Lesson.....

Our 2nd AM went a little better than our 1st.  No crying for me that day!  Not that we placed or anything. Not that we made it to water - cuz I didn't!  I did however hear thunderous applause when Princess Darla got her long retired mark after smashing the 1st two! (I hear that Howard was in the gallery commenting that he hoped I didn't use the whistle.  When Howard watches us from the gallery, if he isn't covering his face with his hands, his face is turning different shades or red and purple as he tries to hold back his loud string of comments about something stupid his student is doing...)

Then came the blind. It was placed at the end of the treeline after the sidehill. The bird was directly across from the old retired gun. I figured that was the secret to the blind. You know, just don't let the dog go to the old fall. Never mind about the sidehill. Forget about that! Sucked because I was third dog in the rotation so I didn't get to see how to properly do it! Yikes! So you just know I let her roll down the hill, stopped her and gave my first cast. YAY! She took it! After getting to the bird like a good girl (she did everything I asked) you know I turned around and shouted "YAYAYAY! Did you guys see that?!?! She did it! Waaahaaaaa!" and everyone was festive and was happy with me although a couple of my training partners looked down for some reason.. I did a little skip and busted out laughing.  I was stoked, and figured I better call all my non dog friends to tell them the good news.

When I got back I started noticing how the "big" dogs were taking the side hill. Jack Volstead was first one I saw and I thought, uhoh! I skrewed up. And after my big show of happiness. Crap!

Callbacks came. We were one team of two who didn't get called back. I knew it was because of that sidehill business. The marshall said the judges wanted to see dog number 10. So off I went. They looked at me with kind faces and began to explain. I was right! I didn't challenge the beginning of the blind. I was assured that next year we would be kicking some Q a$$$$$! Maybe even an AM.  One of the judges had judged us in a little Senior Hunt test, and when we couldn't get the blind nicely, she threw me out of course.  She was explaining to me this particular day that she tried to convince her co-judge to let me stay in, since the last time she saw us run, we were the worst team on the planet!

It's those expensive lessons that we don't forget....

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