Monday, November 22, 2010

About me...

HAHAHAHHA!  I can't believe I am making a blog.  Probably it's going to be one  of my more glorious ideas.  So, about me:

Hmmm...  Well, I don't need to bore everyone with the sordid details, but I in my dreams I am a professional badass (you know, a Secret Agent with the CIA or something), a pirate on the high seas, world traveler, rich, beautiful, and have a super buff kickass body.  But alas, I am a humble hairdresser, someone's mom, retriever trainer as a hobby, fisherman ...  I have no patients for idiots, slow drivers, cheaters (you know relationship cheaters) and wrongdoers...  I despise whining and figure instead of whining DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! 

I am a swingin single.  What does this mean you ask?  Well it means that at night I sit at home after I train my dogs, and pretend that I have something to do, and someplace to go.  Guess I really do, but I like to watch movies and dream about how I need to come up with a scam to become rich.  Or at least buy myself a new camper..

I love to train retrievers and hang out with my retired field trial friends and throw birds for their dogs.  I grew up in Colorado and miss having horses and miss my Granny and Gramps...  I wish I could go back in time when my kids were little so we could just hang out on the Anchor Point beach....

I was recently diagnosed with  Multiple Sclerosis, and so I guess that's what this stupid blog will be about since it likes to wreck my fun...  Maybe I will get better all around so some poor soul with this shit will feel inspired should she stumble upon it.  Or maybe if one of my friends or someone I know stumble across it, he/she will understand what my problem is since I don't really like to talk about it that much...

If my dear friend Daisy knew I was making a blog, she would be horrified...  :)

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