Monday, November 22, 2010

Diagnosed with MS.. How awesome..

Well, I will make this story short..  Last year October 2009, while watching my first and only big field trial in Connell, WA, I noticed that my legs felt like I was walking on spongy stuff.  The had been getting tingly like they were falling asleep for about a month, only they never really DID fall asleep.  My ankles felt tight and weird.  I thought it was my back and that I needed to go to a chiropractor. 

This continued on, and then I was planning a pheasant hunting trip in Eastern Oregon with a special friend.  A couple of weeks before going down I became numb from the waist down, and then that went away.  While hunting I was kinda clumsy and fell.  I marveled that it didn't hurt.  That weekend I felt very week and awoke a couple of times feeling as if I was thrashing my legs..  My feet were very tingly, but in a weird way that I can't describe...  Like electric swirling...  I was also quite emotional for some reason....  I had the sensation of walking on golfballs but cant rememebr when that started.  I did have a great weekend in spite of that and shot lots of birds and didn't tell my friend what was wrong.....  For some reason I didn't want him to know..

Finally Christmas morning came and so did the electric shocks called L'Hermittes Sign.  Felt like a #2 continual  on the collar from the neck to the feet.  Every time I looked down.  The sensation made me throw up and I knew then that something was terrible wrong...   I self diagnosed myself with Cervical Stenosis, and decided to get some insurance.   In February by the time I was able to get my 1st MRI, I had numb skin from the neck down, was terrible dizzy, was falling down.  My self diagnosis told me that I would just get a quickie neck surgery and be done with it.  But instead, the doctor said she thought I had MS, and referred me to Dr. Lada.  I was bawlingmy head off about the possible diagnosis, as my ex-mother-in-law died from complications from it.   I immediately called my special friend, and he calmed me down somewhat. 

Dr. Lada got me in that day for steroids, scheduled lumbartap and tons of blood tests.  The tests came back positive for MS..  Well, now we had a name for it and sort of a sense of relief that it wasn't something even more hideous....  The steroids were hideous, the lumbar tap was gruesome...  Thankfully my best friends Stasi and Linda took care of me....

Now I would get to learn to DEAL with it....

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