Saturday, November 20, 2010

This is why we do it... Field trials I mean...

Hmmmm... Do we play these games because of ribbons? Or is there something else... You drive to the event full of hope, happiness and excitement that you have trained you dog for his/her first event. Nevermind that you couldn't possibly train yourself for YOUR first event! You are going to hang out with the people who coached you along the way, and people you have heard about, and people who you have talked into coming..

You roll in to the festive atmosphere and grab your catalogue and watch the test dog. You have heard about the test dogs wonders, and you start to feel the fear gripping your stomach when you see the test dog blowing it. If the test dog screwed up, how is your dog going to perform? Yikes! Back to the truck you go, and you remember to air your dog, and start to get ready for your 1st time to the line... Maybe just get back in the truck and chill for a while...

The marshall has sent someone to look for you. Ugh! You have to run ahead of someone! What?! Now you Get out of the truck, and immediately go puke behind the truck. Then get your dog, and with shaking hands put her on lead. Pray that she doesn't notice you are nervous and drag you to the line. On the way to the test area, relish the feeling of the thunderous stomach ache that has all of a sudden over come you again. Only this time you have to make a trip to the woods and pray that no-one sees you, and pray that you remembered some paper products.

Once your internal organs are completely empty, you continue on to the holding blinds. You start to notice that you can hear nothing but loud rushing sounds in your ears. You try to shake that and clear your head. You realize how stupid it is. You realize that you don't even know why you are playing this dumb dog game, and that you should just go home. You wish you could go to the woods again. You wish that no-one would notice you because you just KNOW that EVERYONE is staring at you and only you, instead of watching the test.

Your feet begin to feel as if lead weights are in the soles of your shoes. By the time you get to the last blind your feet will have sprouted roots and you will be unabe to move them when the judge calls your name. Finally when you have mentally been able to force yourself out and up to the line, you will be horrified that your genious dog has just knocked over the judge, pulled birds off the rack, or has just positioned herself about 5 feet ahead of the line. So then you feel a new surge of panic. You forget what you are allowed to say and do. You pray you can get your dog back into somewhat of a heel position. You call for the birds and with each one your dog creeps forward again. You just know she will launch early. And then the relief sets in when the judge says "dog".

And after he gets the birds, and the rushing in your ears passes, you can hear the gallery clapping and your legs feel like rubber as you walk back through the crowd. This is why we do what we do. You get sucked in that 1st time and can hardly wait to do it again...


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