Monday, December 6, 2010

Just thinking...

You know, I go to this forum called Patients Like Me (PLM) .  At first I went there to find info, then left a couple of times swearing to myself never to go back, because I foound it mostly syrupy sweet and all about God loves you and all that.  Then I just had to keep going, and then it became depressing, seeing people making posts about all the terrible pain, and hideous ways that people treat them.  Also there are the ones who wallow in self pity and I feel so bad for them...  I hope not to come across to my friends that way...

Now, although all that stuff is still there, I realize that people are just trying to deal with this MS shit, and also trying to help others through it however they can.   I have learned alot, and also feel like if I ever met some of them, I would like to get to know them. 

Tonight there was a post from a guy that hasn't been touched by his wife for a very long time and is a burden to her.  He is stuck in a wheelchair and can't even hold his grandson.  He wants to die..   All he wants is for someone to hug him. 

I wonder what I am gonna do when I get that bad, IF I get that bad.  I better get my shit together and make some sort of long term plan.  I don't know what I am gonna do either, but if I ever get like that, I will not stick around.. 

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