Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Walking in the snow....

Well, I am happy to announce (to myself) that I have been feeling pretty good.  Did 4 blinds yesterday afternoon with the girls.  Both of them had to stop and check out this little kid glove on the way out for a sec. 

Let me mention that walking in the snow when your feet feel like they have large Nerf arrows inside your shoes can be rather challenging!  Because I find myself picking my feet up as if I am marching, so that I can put them down evenly.  But what happens is that it feels like only parts of my feet make it, and so it throws me off.  I have learned to overcome the annoyance for the most part.  Sometimes it is quite challenging when 2 yellow girls are constantly bringing me snowballs and sticks to throw for them.  I let them do that sort of nonsense when they are airing before working.  Some trialers frown upon that sort of thing, but I think it's cute.  Well, it's cute for a few minutes...

Sometimes when I am out airing, and I fall down, they jump all over my head as I curl into a ball to escape them.  The stuff their noses under my chin, arms, trying to help me out..  Last year when my MS troubles 1st started, I had to get mad at them so I could get back up by myself.. 

Anyway, am glad to be feeling pretty good today..  Just have the numb and stiff ankles, feet..  My legs have the popcorn but not too bad.  Hips are sore but don't really hurt, and my other numb skin up my back isn't as intense..  I hope I stay this good for more than a couple of days as usual. 

After work, I am gonna go out in the snow again.  Hopefully the Nerf arrows won't be quite so big.. 

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