Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I want to feel normal again.... DAMMMMIIIITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today....... I don't get why after doing the awesome steroids, that a few days later I feel so much worse.. Well,maybe not worse, but definitely different. I still have the dizzy, but that could be some after effects of the medicine, or because I did take a couple Xanax last night so I could sleep wich I finally did.. So that was good.

Took my dogs out last night and since I can feel spots in my feet that I couldn't before, walking was different and I fell a few times. Not a big deal because it was in snow. Just felt weird walking because I had gotten used to my old feet I reckon..

This mornng my legs and arms weigh a ton again and the stiff ankles are back. My feet are getting spongy again, and I think I did all this last week for nothing. Maybe I am feeling the depression I always do with steroids.. Dunno.. Just know I am a bit disheartened today. WIll go see my neuro this afternoon after work. You know the reason I had gone last week was to see if there was some kind of pill with minimal side effects for the dizziness.

If I continue to feel this way I won't be going to run my dogs in the trial I was so excited about. I just want to feel normal again.... Well, at least like my last "normal" before the dizzy came....

Here is what I think about that - F^@&!%$@&^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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