Saturday, January 1, 2011

Party like a Rock Star! Happy New Year! 2011

Oh yes!  Happy New Year!  I can't believe how fast this year flew by!  Alot has happened, but I am ok with it now...  I have good friends, awesome kids (well 2 of them) and some dogs that are planning on becoming FC AFC's...  This WILL be the year!  This morning I am having the intense electric, exploding legs, but it is totally worth it because last night I made it all the way to New Years!  Party on Wayne!  Party on Daizy and Tracie!


  1. Welcome to the MS blogging community, Dedeye. Good luck on your journey.

  2. Love your blog. My husband was a handsome prince & adventurer and he also has MS. He loves the outdoors and has seen and done some amazing things. MS has limited a lot of his activities, but is hasn't changed his spirit. We still do and see amazing things even if it's not what he had originally planned. We love life and take advantage of everything we can. Sometimes it's hard, but he keeps me focused on the important things. (I'm supposed to help him, but it's working the other way). So keep on partying and celebrating.Look forward to hearing more.

  3. You guys are awesome! I figure I am just writing this for myself, and that no-one will really ever see it..

    Elaine, you tell your adventurous,handsome prince hello from Alaska.. :)